Basic & Intermediate Stage Combat Intensive:

June 25th -  July 2nd 2017


This year’s summer intensive will take place June 25th - July 2nd, in New York City. The Art of Combat’s intensive provides in depth training for Stage and Screen Combat focusing on weapons styles at the Basic and Intermediate Levels. This offers the modern actor the chance to challenge themselves and expand their knowledge as a Combatant with the professional tact and skills relevant to our ever expanding and demanding industry. At the end of the week, participants will show off their skills in two NYC Performances. Art of Combat Fight Directors will oversee the creation, rehearsal, and production of these scenes.  We do this for two main reasons:


  1. The best way to solidify what we've learned it to put it to practical use right away. This application of skill in a “safe” environment is extremely important in this art. Not only do the students get to commit what they've learned to their muscle memory, but the instant feedback from the audience let's them know if they've successfully utilized the tools learned over the week.
  2. Do other workshops offer participants an NYC acting credit? It's important to build your resume too, and an acting/combat credit from a NYC theatre always looks good to directors!


After the performances, the teachers will provide feedback in order to facilitate participant growth and training in dramatic violence. Participants will receive practical application of the skills they have learned  along with an NYC acting credit for the resume!


Our training levels follow a progression of the 5 Weapon Family System allowing actors to constantly build on their skills as they progress through the system. One of Art of Combat’s main tenant is the use of dramatic violence as a storytelling device. This is done by focusing on the application of martial technique in training and performance.

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Check out our videos of the performances and photographs of the entire week from past years on our multimedia page.

Basic Course:



Intermediate Course:

  • Tactical Knife
  • German Longsword
  • Quarterstaff (or Chinese Spear)
  • Italian Rapier and Auxiliaries (Dagger & Cloack/Mantle)

*Must complete Basic level course and be recommended by an AoC Fight Director in order to take the Intermediate level course.


*Those who are active members of the Art of Combat and have successfully completed the Basic training level, may also achieve a Basic Certification with Art of Combat International. More on that to come.


*Art of Combat will also offer an Advanced training course later on in the year.  Stay up to date at to find out when the Advanced certification (and final level for the Combatant) will be offered.


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Early Bird Pricing:

$750.00 (until April 15th)

$950.00 (until June 1st)

Full Price:

$1,100.00 (after June 1st)


Interested in more?

Art of Combat is a body of actors, designers, fighters, and historians dedicated to the deeper learning and training of all disciplines of the martial arts. Throughout the year, others who share our passion are invited to become members of the AoC family. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of being a member, email the workshop coordinators !


Want to earn College Credit for the AoC NYC Intensive?

Our instructors have taught at numerous academic institutions and would be happy to work with you to set up an independent study in order to earn credits while training in NYC! You will need a current faculty member at your institution to be your official instructor, but we will work with them to evaluate your final grade.  A sample syllabus has  been prepared to facilitate your paperwork! Check it out here: DOC / PDF


If you have any questions just reach out to the workshop coordinators:



Classes are taught by world-class instructors in the art. While we are still finalizing our instructor list for 2017, the NYC Intensive instructors will be: Jared Kirby and may include Aaron Orensky & Bryce Bermingham.


This workshop is an immersion into the AoC company which has been actively transferring historical combat styles to stage and film for over two decades. Members are trained in historical combat styles and learn how to make them safe and replicable for stage and screen. Our training and expertise has enhanced theatre, film and TV with authentic and realistic combat sequences all around the world.


This week of training is perfect not only for Stage and Screen actors, but performers of all disciplines including dancers and Opera singers! Daily subject matter will draw from classical and contemporary material to study dramatic and comedic situations.


Previous Attendees:

Email your Fight Director or the Workshop Coordinators for the link.


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