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Check out our videos of the performances and photographs of the entire week from past years on our multimedia page.

If you are already enrolled, please see the Participant's Page for duty assignments and casting.


Participants from all over the US and abroad will come together in New York City from June 23rd - 28th, 2014 to train for one intensive week with the Art of Combat company in the skills needed to create extraordinary fights for stage and screen. Classes will include stage combat, historical fencing, acting the fight, finding your angles and much more. The workshop will culminate in a show that will be performed in New York City.


Each year we end the workshop with a live performance at the Access Theatre in New York City. We do this for two main reasons:


1. The best way to solidify what we've learned it to put it to practical use right away. We believe that this philosophy is extremely important in this art. Not only do the students get to commit what they've learned to their muscle memory, but the instant feedback from the audience let's them know if they've successfully utilized the tools they've learned over the week.

2. What other workshop in the business offers the student NYC credit? It's all about the resume, and an acting/combat credit from a NYC theatre always looks good to directors!


For the First time ever, the NYC Intensive has a theme: The Weapons of Whedon. Every scene we present will be something he has worked on.

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Wanna earn College Credit for the AoC NYC Intensive?

Our instructors have taught at numerous academic institutions and would be happy to work with you to set up an independent study to earn credits while training in NYC! You will need a current faculty member at your institution to be your official instructor, but we will work with them to evaluate your final grade.  A syllabus has already been prepared to help facilitate your paperwork! Check it out here: DOC / PDF


If you have any questions just reach out to the workshop coordinators:


Classes are taught by world-class instructors in the art. While we are still finalizing our instructor list for 2014, last year's NYC Intensive instructors included: Jared Kirby, John Lennox, and Kyle Rowling.


This workshop is an immersion into the AoC company which has been actively transferring historical combat styles to stage and film for over a decade. Members are trained in historical combat styles and learn how to make them safe and replicable for stage and screen. Our training and expertise has enhanced theatre, film and TV with authentic and realistic combat sequences all around the world.


The week is structured so that you will get the most out of it. You can register at one of three levels, based on your skill level and what you want to learn: "Combatant," "On Track" or "Fight Director" (see below for detailed descriptions).


This week of training is perfect for Stage and Screen actors as well as Opera Singers and Dance performers. Daily subject matter will draw from classical and contemporary material to study dramatic and comedic situations.

Fight Director -

Finally, if you have completed all your requirements and are ready to test for Fight Director within Art of Combat, register at the “Fight Director” level. This will prepare you for your exams as well as provide an environment to start your testing process. There will also be the opportunity for probationary FD’s to choreograph the Fri/Sat night show to fulfill one gig requirement (while getting a NYC credit). Please email John Lennox or Jared Kirby before registering at this level as there are only a few spots available.

Combatant -

For participants with no previous experience, or those with experience who want an introduction to the Art of Combat organization, register at the “Combatant” level. You will learn the basic elements of AoC combat for stage and screen. You will take classes in a variety of subjects and rehearse in scenes choreographed by the Fight Directors. There will also be rehearsal every day for a show you will perform in New York City that Fri/Sat night.

On Track -

For those already at the Combatant level and are starting to work towards becoming a Fight Director, register at the “On Track” level. There will be opportunities for you to work as an Authorized Combat Instructor, Fight Captain and/or Asst. Fight Director depending on what you need. Your skills will be honed by working the scenes, culminating in the show to be performed in New York City.


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