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AoC Systems:

Unarmed Combat

Military (Infantry) Sabre

Dueling Sabre

Italian Longsword

Italian Rapier (Rapier & Dagger; Rapier & Cloak)

French Smallsword

Bowie Knife

Boarding Axe

Stage Combat Terminology



FD Test Materials:(All of the sections below can be found in Doc's Art of Combat Book)

Doc's Art of Combat Book- (This is not yet published. While AoC members have access to it, it cannot be printed out and given to the public without Doc's express permission.)

FD Test Study Guide

Fencing History Timeline

Fencing History Chapter of Doc's Book

Stage Combat Theory

Stage Combat Terminology

Toxicology & Anatomy/Physiology





AoC Merchandise:

Cafe Press- This is member's only. No hike in prices



Macdonald Armouries

Pendragon Armoury- Kyle's Leather Business

New Stirling Arms

Physical Chess

Purpleheart Armoury

Triplette Competition Arms

Zen Warrior Armory


Fight Scenes:

Dropbox Link for AoC Fight Scenes




Stage Combat Associations:

Independent Fight Director's Guild

International Order of the Sword and Pen

• Australian Stage Combat Association, Inc.- No website yet.



Babes With Blades

British Academy of Dramatic Combat

British Academy of Stage and Screen Combatants

The Duelists

Fight Director- Carter Ferguson

Fight Directors of Canada

Ring of Steel

Society of American Fight Directors

Scuola Brancaleoni

Sydney Stage Combat School

Virginia Stage Combat School

United Stuntmen's Association - International Stunt School


Research Sources:

Journal of Theatrical Combatives

Doc's Library





Historical Combat Books & Publications:

Chivalry Bookshelf - Here are the books Chivalry sells. Use this to get the ideas of the books, then buy them elsewhere. Chivalry has been unkind to several of our close friends who have published with them.

Jared's Book List

Paladin Press


Historical Treatises Republished:

The Art of Dueling- Tom Leoni

Codex Wallerstein- Interpreted and translated by Grzegorz Zabinski, with assistance from Bartlomiej Walczak.

Highland Broadsword- Mark Rector

Italian Rapier Combat-Out of Print- Jared Kirby

Manual of the Bartero- Maestro James Loriega

The Medieval Art of Swordsmanship- Dr. Jefferey Forgeng

The School of Fencing- Jared Kirby & Maestro Jeannette Acosta-Martínez


Modern Study/ Interpretation:

Advanced Bowie Techniques- Dwight McLemore

Bowie and Big Knife Fighting- Dwight McLemore

Duellist's Companion: A Training Manual for 17th Century Italian Rapier- Guy Windsor

Sevillian Steel: The Traditional Knife Fighting Arts of Spain- Maestro James Loriega

The Beginner's Guide to the Longsword: European Martial Arts Weaponry Techniques- Steaphen Fick

The Fighting Staff- Dwight McLemore

The Fighting Sword- Dwight McLemore

The Fighting Tomahawk- Dwight McLemore

The Swordsman's Companion: A Manual for Training With the Medieval Longsword- Guy Windsor




Historical Study:


Association for Historical Fencing

British Federation for Historical Swordplay

F.I.S.A.S. (Federazione Italiana Scherma Antica e Storica)

Historical Maritime Combat Association

International Master at Arms Federation


Schools and Academies:

AEMMA- Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts (Toronto, Canada)

Academia Della Spada- Cecil Longino's troupe (Washington)

Alte Kampfkunst- Stefan Dieke's academy (Wuppertal, Germany)

DEMAS- Stevie Fick's academy (San Jose, California)

East Lansing Wing Chun

The Exiles (England)

Lennox Academy- Doc's academy (Jackson, Michigan)

Linacre School of Defence- Dr. Milo Thurston's academy (Oxford, England)

Macdonald Academy of Arms- Paul's academy (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Martínez Academy of Arms- Maestri Ramón Martínez and Jeannette Acosta-Martínez' academy (New York, New York)

Northwest Academy of Arms- Maestro Sean Hayes academy (Eugene, Oregon)

Order of the Seven Hearts- Tom Leoni's academy (Alexandria, Virginia)

Raven Arts Institute of Sevillian Steel- Maestro James Loriega's academy (New York, New York)

School of European Swordmanship- Guy Windsor's academy (Helsinki, Finland)

St. Martin's Academy of Medieval Arms- Bob Charron's academy (Madison, Wisconsin)

Stoccata School of Self Defence- Stephen Hand's academy (Australia)


Research Sources:

Electronic Journal of Martial Arts and Sciences

Journal of Manly Arts

Journal of Western Martial Art

The Labyrinth


Online Treatises:

British Library MS 39564- Anonymous (From ARMA's website)

Codex Wallerstein - c. 1470- Anonymous (From ARMA's website)

Flos Duellatorum, or "the Flower of Battle"- Fiore dei Liberi  (From ARMA's website)

His True Art of Defence - c. 1594- Giacomo Di Grassi (From Academia Della Spada's website)

Hope's "New Method"- Sir William Hope- From Linacre School of Defence's website

Liber de Arte Gladitoria Dicimandi- Fillipo Vadi (From ARMA's website)

Mendoza's Treatise on Boxing- Daniel Mendoza (From Linacre School of Defence's website)

Pallas Armata: The Gentleman's Armourie- Anonymous (From Stoccata School of Defence's website)

Quarterstaff - A Practical Manual- Thomas A. McCarthy (From the Journal of Manly Arts)

Royal Armouries MS I.33- Anonymous (From ARMA's website)

The Schoole of the Noble and Worthy Science of Defence- Joseph Swetnam (From Stoccata School of Defence's website)

The Works of George Silver- George Silver (From Linacre School of Defence's website)

Trattato Di Scientia d' Arme, con un Dialogo di Filosofia- Camillo Agrippa (1553) (From William Wilson's website)

Wylde's "English Master of Defence"- Zachary Wylde (1711) (From Linacre School of Defence's website)


Online Modern Translations/Interpretations:

British Museum MS 3542: The Harleian Manuscript- Anonymous (From ARMA's website)

Cod. HS. 3227a - Hanko Dobringer's Fechtbuch- DObringer's c. 1389 writings on Leichtenauer's Fechtbuch. Trans. David Lindholm (ARMA)

Le Jeu de la Hache- Anonymous, 15th cent., Trans. Aydney Anglo (From ARMA's website)

Master Sigmund Ringeck's Commentaries- 1389-1440 translations by Joerg Bellighausen of Ringeck's writings on Leichtenauer's Fechtbuch

The Danish History, Books I-IX. Selected excerpts (From ARMA's website)

Viking Fighting Notes from 23 Sagas- (From ARMA's website)