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NYC Combat for Stage & Screen


Taken fight in NYCMace and Shield vs Sword and Shield

Learn to create and perform extraordinary fights for stage and screen.

Conflict is the essence of great theatre, film or TV. Whether it’s a simple push, slap or a complex sword fight, it's rare to have a storyline that doesn’t call for some sort of violence. This needs to be performed safely while making certain the violence appears realistic and truthful so the story being told is enhanced.

NYC Combat for Stage and Screen is an ongoing group class where you are trained on an individual basis. Drop-ins are welcome and preregistration is not required. All skill levels are welcome. The ongoing format allows you to start anytime and offers individualized training based on your needs and skill level. Various styles are taught concurrently. For example, on a given night you may be working on Unarmed combat while others are working on Longsword and another group on Knife.

The emphasis in class is put on learning the skills necessary to perform fights exceptionally. This is not a "certification course" as certificates are of minimal use to you in the industry. Where and how you train matters more. When auditioning for a fighting role, the stunt coordinator/fight director cares about what you can do. The more work you put into training, the better you will be and at the end of the day that is what will get you hired in fighting roles. Remember that under performance stress, we do not rise to the level of our expectations; we drop to the level of our training.

Once your skills reach the necessary level we choose a fight scene and start creating choreography to perform for stage or screen (depending on your focus). For example, RUN RABBIT, RUN was recently completed, which is a short film using students from this class. May 2013 students from class performed in the show Aggressive Negotiations in NYC.

This training is perfect for Stage and Screen actors, Opera performers, Directors and any kind of Storytellers. It's imperative that everyone learns how to use violence to enhance the characters and advance the story.

Some of the things you can learn in class include; unarmed, knife, longsword, sword & shield, axe, rapier (Italian or Spanish), small-sword, sabre (Northern Italian, Southern Italian or Spanish), short-sword, quarterstaff, spear and improvised weapons.

July Class Schedule - Monday nights
Monday 7/7 - Class in Session at IATI Theatre (64 East 4th St, NYC)
Monday 7/14 - Class in Session
Monday 7/21 - No Class
Monday 7/28 - No Class

Instructor:  Jared Kirby, Art of Combat Fight Director

Monday Classes are from 6:00-7:00pm at the IATI Theatre, 64 East 4th St, NYC (between Bowery and 2nd Ave). You will need comfortable clothes to work in and a pair of clean sneakers. More Details TBA.

Can't make weeknights? Once a month I offer a 4 hour Sunday Seminar. Click on the link for the subjects, dates and times!

For more information, pricing or if you have any questions please email or call 646.382.6945. You can find us on Facebook at NYC Stage & Screen Combat, Art of Combat, or subscribe to the newsletter:


Jared Kirby's process of staging a fight for Theatre.


A Sample of European Martial Arts performed safely for Film.  

Students from the class performing in a film fight.



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