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Art of Combat fight directors have worked on such films as Star Wars Episodes II & III, Wanted, Troy, Dog, China and Gabriel. They have also worked at such playhouses as Sydney Opera House, The New Vic Theatre of London, Soho Theatre London, National Institute of Dramatic Arts - Sydney, choreographed works for several Renaissance Faires, and routinely teach classes and direct fights for colleges and universities. AoC fight directors have experience in a wide variety of venues. Contact us to have Art of Combat work on your next project.


We offer the highest quality of combat for stage and film. Art of Combat, inc. has bases in the United States, Canada, Australia, and around the world.


Art of Combat was created by a group of fight directors who had a vision for a new direction in stage combat. This concept was shared by other like-minded artists who then joined the company, allowing it to grow to become an international organization within the first five years of its existence. The focus for the company is on the art. It is our goal to work for perfection in the field and create safe staged violence that is not only historically accurate but also incredibly realistic. Scholarship is as important to our company as practical application. Research and exploration are a major aspect of our training and instruction for our members.


As we look to the future with this company, we see growth in chapters, membership and evolution of our craft. AoC is one of the few organizations that is international.

Upcoming Workshops and Training:


New York, NY -

New York City Basic and Intermediate Intensive -

It's on! June 2020!

See you in NYC!


Las Vegas, NV -

CombatCon - Celebrate Martial Arts in Pop Culture with the AoC Fight Directors ! Aug 2020!

Vegas, baby!

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