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Joining AoC:


One goal for Art of Combat is to raise the standards and expectations of fights for stage and screen. We accomplish this by holding our members to a high standard of work in their performances and choreography which creates a network of skilled fight people around the world. See them all here. We also offer continuing education opportunities to help people fully realize the potential of fights in the world of the arts. 

How do I join?


To be considered for membership in AoC, you must attend no less than 3 AoC events. Events can be classes, workshops or productions with an AoC member. Once that is done you must:


1. Be sponsored by a full member of AoC. This person is vouching for you and recommending you for membership with the company. It is not something any member takes lightly.

2. Once you have been recommended then the company will vote.  You must receive a majority vote of the chapter to which they are applying.


If you are voted in, then you are considered a Probationary Member for a period of four months, during which time, you must attend no less than four (4) events, and must pay monthly dues for your chapter. During this period, your status is considered “at will” and may be terminated by either yourself or the Fight Directors at any time. Probationary Members may not actively representing AoC in public functions, and have no voting rights.

After the 4 month period you are considered a full Standard Member with Art of Combat and are on your way! 

You should be working on developing a solid understanding of martial theory and the appropriate physical skills to apply that knowledge to stage and screen combat in order to become a Combatant (members who represent AoC at the non-choreography level). Combatants may serve as fighters, extras, weapons masters, class assistants, trainers, fight captains and assistant fight directors. As a member you can take advantage of all the perks of being an AoC member which are:


• Liability insurance. You have access to AoC’s $2 million General Liability Insurance for productions you are working on. (For chapters in the U.S. only at this time. Any members of foreign chapters of AoC who come to the US to work are then covered under this policy.)


• Your resume is posted on the AoC website and you will be eligible to be hired for AoC gigs.  The website gets over 10,000 hits a year, so there is a great chance for exposure.


• You have voting privileges in the organization and a voice as far as what you want out of your chapter, so you determine what suits the members best.


• Dues can be used to help members afford to do workshops, productions, networking events, etc.


• You will receive discounts on various stage combat & historical fencing events.


• You have access to AoC’s resources such as the library, event information, announcements which will help you stay in the loop.


• Assignation of a really cool nickname.


Dues are $5 a month. Please feel free to email us if you have any questions or to become a member.


For further information about how to progress through AoC, read our training guide.

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